The Father Created God the Son by Pastor Ed Young


They are all the same.”

Whenever someone says that, they are advertising their ignorance.  They are saying, “You know what?  I have never studied the world religions.  I never have.”  All you have to do is a little bit of study, and you see the difference of the world religions.  Christianity is totally unique and totally different from all the other major world religions. In God’s blender, it’s God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  You will never have another smoothie like it.  It’s unique.

In John 14:6, Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life.”He said that.  He didn’t say, “I’m an option.”  He didn’t say, “I’m one of many different ways.”  He said, “I am the way.”  I didn’t say it.  I’m just telling you what Jesus said.  You see, the exclusivity of Christianity really bothers people in our pluralistic culture.  We can’t take it.

We say, “Surely, God, you grade on a cosmic curve.  Surely, God.  I know people say it’s a yard long and it’s not a yard long.  But, God, please…”

The Trinity – it’s unique.  Think about Islam, for example.  Muslims deny the Trinity.  They see God as a sequestered god, a god you can’t really know, and an authoritarian god.  Look at nations where Islam rules  — you have dictators.  Look at the Muslim family.  There is a strong pecking order.  The man is the man, and he is more important than the woman.  Think about Mormonism.  Mormons deny the Trinity.  In Mormonism, everybody is a god.  You’re a god.  He’s a god.  She’s a god.  [Ed sings] Everywhere a god, god.  I’m not saying that to make fun of Mormons.  That’s a fact.  They deny the Trinity.  Jehovah’s Witnesses deny the Trinity.  They feel that God the Father created God the Son.

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